shirt.woot Derby Entries

I’ve been entering designs in shirt.woot’s weekly Derby for the past few weeks. It’s a good exercise in productivity — and, you never know, I could luck into winning it one of these weeks.

The theme of the first Derby I entered was “Fake Me Out To The Ballgame: Imaginary Sports Logos.” My entry looked like this:


It didn’t do so well, earning only 106 votes.

The next week’s theme was “Visually Sound — designs dealing with the concept of sound: music, noise, sound effects, sound waves, the act of listening, audio technology, whatever.” I submitted this hastily drawn entry:

Silent Scream

This one did slightly better, garnering 222 votes for the yellow version seen here, and 161 for an alternate version I did on blue.

The third week I entered, the theme was “Blank Is The New Pirate: Design a t-shirt for an archetype to replace the pirate.” I entered this drawing of Frankenstein’s monster (or, as I prefer to call the creature, “a Frankenstein”) locked in combat with a triceratops. It turned out OK, in my own opinion. The triceratops needs some reworking, but I intend to do just that and make this shirt myself after the 60-day waiting period stipulated in shirt.woot’s Derby entry agreement.

Monster Mash

This one earned a pathetically meager 59 votes, but also, more importantly, the following heartfelt critique:

“the frankenstein one… frankenstein wrestling a triceratops. why? the design is good despite the fact that frankenstein is the property of universal studios and also despite the fact of WHY?”

Three is enough pictures for one post. I’ll put up my 4th, 5th and 6th Derby entries in a couple days, which will bring us up to the current week’s contest. Henceforth, I’ll post my entries here while they’re still in “live” Derbies, and I’ll include links to the page where you can vote for them.


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