Shirt Design: Rox O’er Sox

Here’s a nearly-finished piece of art you were supposed to be able to buy on a t-shirt tonight at midnight:

Rox o'er Sox

The idea was to print two shirts that baseball partisans could wear to their World Series parties: the one you see here and one showing the tables turned, with the sock besting the mountain. When I got to this point, though, the client’s legal advisor got a look at the illustration and decided it would rile the MLB’s suer-rats, so the whole project was scuttled. Lawyers! Ruining Americans’ days since 1878.

If you watched the series, you know the Rockies’ American League opponent was only decided in the third act of last night’s seventh ALCS game, so I had to work fast. The last-minute cancellation was all the more frustrating for this project’s short turn-around time. All of a sudden, today’s hectic work schedule was retroactively pointless, and worse: I was up in the wee hours last night sketching this out, when it turns out I could have been reading — and slumbering — in bed with Emily. Ah, well, such is the freelance biz.


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