Monthly Archives: March 2008

shirt.woot Derby Entry

Here’s my entry in this week’s shirt.woot Derby. The theme is “Lyrics Illustrated.” I submitted a design inspired by “Brass Monkey.”

You can vote on it here, which would make you one of a very select group. It’s doing about as well as my entries usually do — currently in 45th place with a mere 71 votes.


shirt.woot Derby Entry

This was my entry in last week’s shirt.woot Derby. The theme was “Line Art.”

It takes a special kind of masochism to enter the Derbies over and over. Who knows what the voting public is going to like? Not me, obviously, as this design finished way back in 81st place with only 66 votes.

Ded Bugs: East Coast Tour

St. Louis’s Ded Bugs are coming to the East Coast soon, and it was my pleasure to draw this poster to advertise their arrival. It’s an homage to Iron Maiden’s “Trooper” art, as you might notice.

Savage Sounds of the Woot Podcast

There’s a collection of the best (or, actually, “least terrible”) woot podcast jingles available for download in the woot blog. To serve as virtual album cover art, I scrawled the doodle below.

woot! Replacement Calendar Art

At the end of last year, sold their traditional grab-bag of “crappy” calendars. All this year — assuming I don’t get hit by a bus — I’ll be drawing replacement art that woot users can download and print to paste over the pictures in the calendars they bought. Here are the first three.




Click the links above to see the woot blog posts about each of these illustrations. In each one, you’ll find a more in-depth explanation of the Replacement Calendar Art project and a high-res version of that month’s illustration.